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Joann Coates, Courtesy The Actors Fund

Got a problem? The Actors Fund can likely help. Many of the services it provides online or through its offices in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles are completely free:

• health insurance counseling

• primary and specialty medical care and referrals through the new Friedman Health Center for the Performing Arts in Times Square

• guidance overcoming injuries through The Dancers' Resource

• career counseling and scholarships through Career Transition For Dancers

• financial education, plus assistance for artists in crisis

• affordable housing options, including residences operated by The Actors Fund

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Advice for Dancers

After getting promoted, I threw myself into nonstop dance classes, cross-training and rehearsals during breaks. I thought it would help me get stronger, but now I'm exhausted and unable to enjoy dance. Where did I go wrong?

—Broken Spirit, San Francisco, CA

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