What Does It Take to Become a Broadway Choreographer?

In much of the dance world, the process of becoming successful as a choreographer can seem frustratingly oblique. On Broadway, however, that path is surprisingly linear and well defined. Most people end up following a sequence of positions that includes becoming dance captain of a show, then assistant choreographer, then associate choreographer and, finally, main […]

How Do You Help Nondancers Feel Comfortable Moving Onstage?

Too many people are told early on in their lives that they “can’t dance.” It’s something that can stick with them into adulthood. Commercial choreographers all too often encounter the detrimental effects of this myth when they’re paired with actors, musicians or models who’ve taken these words to heart and ended up afraid of dancing. […]

A woman linges deep on a hardwood floor, a mansittnig on a sofa in the background

Give Artists a Home

When the world as we knew it came to a wild halt in March, I felt like I’d slammed up against the wall of life. Suddenly, I was forced to take a good hard look at the ways I’d been flying forward without ground beneath my feet. COVID-19 unearthed many painful truths about being a […]

Why Do Commercial Choreographers Still Not Get the Credit They Deserve?

When I was pregnant with my now-2-year-old daughter, I went through a pretty obsessive movie-musical phase. I vividly remember curling up at the Regal Battery Park theater in downtown Manhattan for Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. I laughed, I cried, and by the time the cast broke into “Dancing Queen,” I found myself doing […]

Why Joe Goode Works With Military Vets on His "Resilience Project"

Master storyteller Joe Goode has been synthesizing text, imagery and movement for decades in his raw, multipronged dance-theater work. In 2011, what began as a series of conversations with audience members about their life stories evolved into a transformative movement experience for veterans, called Movement for Humans. Over the past nine years, a performance based […]

Managing the Mid-Career: What Happens After "Emerging"

For choreographers, leaving the “emerging” status comes with its own set of ups and downs. Luck, location and access to gatekeepers all factor into how the doors of opportunity open to arrive in that elusive middle place known as “mid-career.” Whether one works a decade to get there or is catapulted there after a quick […]

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