Body and Soul

Since welcoming its first freshman BFA class in 2015, the University of Southern California’s Glorya Kaufman School of Dance has made a name for itself. The Los Angeles dance program is known for creating versatile artists in a collaborative, innovative training environment, and its alumni are already making bold professional leaps. Dance Magazine caught up […]

Dance Matters

Aszure All Over Canadian-born Aszure Barton, 30, has been a practicing choreographer for almost her entire life. Yet for many people she seems to have burst onto the American scene out of the blue. And soon there’ll be no ignoring her.   This month and next, Barton and her flexibly populated group of dance virtuosi, […]


Leaping into a Limón Classic     After her initial panic dissipated, Ryoko Kudo settled down to tackle the character Emilia, the wife of the sinister Iago, for her debut in José Limón’s masterpiece, The Moor’s Pavane.   Kudo danced two performances in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and two in Germany. Carla Maxwell, artistic director of […]

Moonlighting with Pina Bausch

Janet Panetta translates Cecchetti for contemporary dancers.     The sun filters into the A-frame studio atop Venice’s famed, recently renovated opera house, Teatro La Fenice. Today is the “generale,” or dress rehearsal, for Pina Bausch’s epic, Fur die Kinder von gestern, heute und morgen (For the Children of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.) The company […]

Health & Fitness

Classic Pilates: Down to the Mat     Dancers tend to be flexible, often to their detriment: looseness can make movement harder to control. Weight training tends to focus on one muscle group, and cardio workouts build stamina, not core strength. But Pilates can strengthen your whole body, starting with your core.   “Many dancers […]

Flying Lessons

Training in aerial dance is still relatively new. When Nancy Smith, founder and artistic director of Frequent Flyers Productions and founder of the Aerial Dance Festival in Colorado, wanted to add aerial work to her repertoire, she locked herself in a studio for eight months to experiment. Keith Hennessy, former Contraband founding member and director […]

New York Notebook

For its all-out gala this year, Youth American Grand Prix has chosen the theme “Stars of Today Meet the Stars of Tomorrow.” Representing tomorrow is Polina Semionova, the newest sensation in ballet to come out of Europe. With a gorgeously limpid line and glowing presence, Semionova was a Dance Magazine “On the Rise” in Oct. […]

Curtain Up

Lil Buck’s jookin’ Dying Swan was the sensation of Fall for Dance at New York City Center. Unfurling from a rounded position with luxurious musicality, gliding feet, and liquid arms, he seemed to embody the romantic spirit—in sneakers and jeans. Lil Buck is one of our “25 to Watch,” but he’s also the tip of […]

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