Dance in Pop Culture
Michelle Williams as Gwen Verdon. Photo by Eric Liebowitz/FX Networks

You can see them in "Fosse/Verdon" episode one. Michelle Williams, playing Gwen Verdon, wears them with a cool, retro, forest-green jumpsuit. Tucked beneath a mop top of tousled Gwen Verdon locks, Williams sports a pair of discreet and tasteful onyx drop-earrings—the dancer's favorites. Verdon wore them all her adult life, according to her daughter Nicole Fosse, a co-executive producer of the FX series that puts a spotlight on a great woman of American dance.

"I have very little memory of my mother wearing other earrings. They were her Gwen Verdon earrings," says Fosse, speaking by phone from her home in Vermont. "She's wearing them in 99 percent of the pictures of her performing."

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Dancers Trending
Jack Cole was both a choreographer and trusted advisor to Marilyn Monroe. Photo courtesy DM Archives

In the January 1968 issue of Dance Magazine, we had a candid conversation with Jack Cole. Though less well-known than his choreographic successor, Bob Fosse, Cole was arguably the father of theatrical jazz dance. He danced for Ruth St. Denis, Ted Shawn and Doris Humphrey and was well versed in traditional styles from other cultures (such as bharatanatyam and Javanese dance), influences he brought to his work as a choreographer first in nightclub shows and later in Hollywood and on Broadway.

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