a line of dancers in leotards stands alongside a barre inside a dance studio, with numbers pinned to their torsos

The Ballet Job Market Needs a Market (Re)Design

The pandemic has contributed to many shifts in the dance world, as the community has outspokenly criticized longstanding practices and cultural norms. However, no one has called into question the structure (or, rather, the lack thereof) of the job market. As a now-retired ballet dancer of nearly a decade and a PhD student in economics […]

Landed a New Gig? 5 Ways to Negotiate the Best Deal

Dancers and choreographers must be strong, clear communicators when it comes to negotiating contracts and agreements. That’s part of the philosophy espoused by A. Nia Austin-Edwards, the founder of PURPOSE Productions, a Brooklyn-based organization that provides strategic support to artists throughout the U.S. One of the reasons many dance artists struggle to negotiate successfully for […]

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