15 Years, 15 Artists, 15 Works

To kick off 2015, we asked 15 leading choreographers working in the U.S. to choose what they see as the most influential work of the past 15 years. Their selections highlight a slice of the creativity witnessed in the past decade and a half—and offer insight into what drives their own artistic choices.   Julie […]

These Ad Campaigns Show That Dance Sells

Misty Copeland doesn’t typically spend her days balancing on demi-pointe in lace-up sneakers, wearing the briefest of running shorts and a T-shirt knotted jauntily above her hips. But Under Armour’s series of “I Will What I Want” ads presents a portrait of this artist as an athlete—in the brand’s athletic wear. And for the makers […]

Performances Onstage this Month

  History.In.Motion NEW YORK CITY Over 150 years ago, Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation; 20 years ago, Nelson Mandela helped end apartheid in South Africa. New York Live Arts resident artist Kyle Abraham will premiere three works—a feat that would exhaust even the most seasoned choreographers—inspired by both momentous events. The Watershed, an evening-length […]

Man of the Moment: Kyle Abraham

Choreographer Kyle Abraham’s works are freighted with heavy social questions, tackling issues like race, gender, isolation and community. But what might be most intriguing is his physical vocabulary. As both a choreographer and a performer himself, Abraham fuses the rippled posturing of hip hop with the curves and weight of modern dance. A stutter pulses […]

Inside DM

What makes a great choreographer? The elements can sound like a collection of superpowers: The ability to evoke the most intense human emotions with just a simple gesture. A gift for “seeing the music.” A creativity that can transform how audiences perceive their world. A talent for turning dreams into onstage realities.   Left: Sara […]

The New Ailey

There isn’t much that seems to pose a serious challenge to Jamar Roberts. At 6′ 4″, with the uncanny ability to shape energy to its most attractive or powerful or luscious impact, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater dancer has given unforgettable performances of Alvin Ailey’s lyrical Night Creature, Robert Battle’s tortured tour-de-force In/Side, and […]

Quick Q&A: Kyle Abraham

From Ailey to Wendy Whelan, the commissions keep coming.     Kyle Abraham’s plate is more than full: His new work for Ailey opens Dec. 5, his latest piece for his company Abraham.In.Motion premiered Nov. 1, and he’s getting started on a duet for the 2013 Wendy Whelan Project. Meanwhile, he’s been going back to […]