5 Somatic Techniques Founded By Dancers

Although somatic disciplines share a common set of values—internal sensing, increased ease, embodied anatomy, efficient action—the path to achieving all of that can vary wildly. How can you find the method that best speaks to you? It may be useful to look at some less familiar yet potent somatic gems founded by dancers and deeply […]

More Than Injury Prevention: How Somatics Can Deepen Artistry

We might not be able to go out right now, but we can go in. For those of us still stuck taking class at home, it’s not a great time to work on jumps, leaps and turns. As for discovering our internal world, though, it’s been a somatic sensory feast. The basic tenets of somatics—awareness, […]

Is Your Dancing Too Tense? 3 Ways To Loosen Up

When a dancer’s body has excess tension, their movement can lose its luster and flow. “What we see when we watch a spectacular performer is the precise application of effort,” says Peggy Gould, an associate professor at Sarah Lawrence College who teaches dance conditioning and kinesiology. “Not too much, not too little, but just the […]

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