Our 16 Favorite Feel-Good Dance Stories of 2020

There’s no denying that 2020 has been full of tragedy, heartbreak and unimaginable difficulties. But it’s also had its fair share of silver linings, with dancers leaping into action to help others or breaking boundaries within their own work. We’re revisiting some of our favorite feel-good stories of the year to remember how dancers buoyed […]

6 Editor-Approved Performances Happening Onstage and Online This Month

Dance artists are no strangers to making it work. From brand-new premieres to digital reimaginings, these six performances, slated to find stages and screens this month, prove just how true that is. Imagining Indigenous Futures Dancing Earth’s Esmé Olivia Anne Pesata, Courtesy Dancing Earth ONLINE Contemporary Indigenous dance company Dancing Earth explodes antiquated stereotypes of […]

This Dance Was Part of the Women’s Suffrage Movement—and Meg Brooker Is Reconstructing It for 2020

As the presidential election approaches, it’s a particularly meaningful time to remember that we are celebrating the centennial of the 19th Amendment, when women earned the right to vote after a decades-long battle. Movement was more than a metaphor for the fight for women’s suffrage—dancers played a real role, most notably Florence Fleming Noyes, who […]

You’re Invited to the 2020 Dance Teacher Awards!

The Dance Teacher Awards are here , and this year we’re going virtual. The upside of a virtual awards ceremony? We can invite all of you! Though we’ll be in a new setting (Zoom!), the purpose of the Dance Teacher Awards remains the same: celebrating outstanding educators for their contributions to our field. This year, […]

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