Congrats to "A Tango to Remember," Our August Video of the Month Contest Winner

In "A Tango to Remember," written, directed and edited by Severine Reisp, a wife whose husband suffers from Alzheimer's disease attempts to revive his memory through tango, performed by Reisp and Glauco Araujo.

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Courtesy Marcell

The Pre-Performance Routine That Will Get You Into Character

It's the day of the show. You've rehearsed countless hours and meticulously developed your character, and you're ready to make it count. It's time to get into the right headspace without "getting in your head." Time to transform naturally without overthinking it. For all the artistry that leads to this moment, getting into character can be an art form in itself, unique to each dancer but resting on some common principles.

January 2021