The Anti-Slouch

February 25, 2009

It’s no secret that lots of dancers have day jobs, which can involve long stretches of sitting and not much moving. And if you’re balancing dance with school, studying for that tough exam means hunching over books late into the night.


If you find yourself slumped in a chair for hours at a time, whether at work or at school, it’s important to stretch your chest and shoulders to maintain your barre-ready posture. This simple stretch can help: Sitting in your chair, slide forward and place your hands flat behind you, fingers pointing away from your body. Press your shoulders back and palms down so that your shoulder blades come together. Slowly look up to the ceiling, breathing deeply and evenly. After a few breaths, move back to a regular sitting position, maintaining that more upright posture. Your body will feel better, and so will your mind.