Things We Wish We Didn't Know: Wade Robson Changing His Tune

May 19, 2013

It’s sad all around that Wade Robson is suing the Michael Jackson Estate for sex abuse.

In this article we are reminded that Robson defended Jackson during the child molestation trial in 2005. And in the photo shoot for our March 2008 cover story, Robson told me directly that nothing ever happened when he spent the night in MJ’s bed.

At that time Robson was still totally admiring of Michael Jackson. He brought pictures of his artistic heroes, including Jackson and Fred Astaire, and was adamant that they be included in the shoot. As you can see, he decided to place them on the floor around him, as a statement that he felt indebted to them for his own artistry.


He danced nonstop at the shoot. He was fascinating to watch—fast and furious, a sure sense of style, unpredictable moves. Of course much of that he learned from Jackson, who cultivated Wade’s huge natural talent.

Also at the shoot, while we were relaxing in between takes, Wade and his wife Amanda mentioned that they’d like to have a baby sometime soon. I’m happy for them that this has come to pass. But now CNN reports that with the baby came some sort of breakdown in which Wade admitted to himself that what happened between him and Jackson was indeed sexual abuse. I hope he finds some peace in all this.