It's nearly turkey time! But first, make way for the last-minute grocery-store shuffle. If you haven't completed your shopping yet, you'll want to me sure these Thanksgiving staples are on your list. Not only are they tasty, but they're great for dancers!

Brussels sprouts: Whether they're cooked in a cast-iron pan or shaved and tossed into a salad, it seems like Brussels sprouts are the latest buzz-worthy vegetable. Just one-half cup provides 81 percent of your daily vitamin C and more than your daily dose of vitamin K. (Got a nasty blister from pointework? Vitamin K helps with clotting.) Plus, Brussels sprouts are a good source of dietary fiber.

Sweet potatoes: This vegetable is a vitamin A superstar. One medium sweet potato has more than four times the amount you need daily. Vitamin A helps make and maintain healthy skin, bones and soft tissue and promotes good eyesight. Basically, your dancing body couldn't do its job without it!

Cranberries: With all the savory foods on the Thanksgiving spread, you'll be grateful for this tart-tasting berry to balance things out. Cranberries may prevent urinary tract infections, and they offer several other health benefits. They're a good source of vitamin C, are packed with antioxidants that may lower your risk of certain cancers and have been linked with better oral health.

Dig in!

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