Exclusive Clip of a Young Twyla Tharp...Being Very Twyla

Twyla Tharp is well-known for being a singularly no-nonsense artist. In this clip, you can see just how matter-of-factly she spoke about her own choreography even back in her 30s: She talks through each gesture of a phrase in the "Black Bottom Stomp" from her classic Eight Jelly Rolls, describing her step inspirations—from "shame on you, you're a bad person" to "this is my notion of some Jewish something or other"—with total deadpan.

This footage is one highlight from American Masters: Twyla Moves, a documentary about Tharp debuting this Friday, March 26, on PBS. The film mines historical footage to showcase her legendary background as a choreographer and also follows a new project she crafted virtually with ballet stars like Misty Copeland, Herman Cornejo and Maria Khoreva during COVID-19 lockdowns. Check pbs.org to find out when you can catch it on your local station.

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Friday Film Break: Kyle Abraham's "When We Fell" for New York City Ballet

For his third work on New York City Ballet, choreographer Kyle Abraham has created a quietly haunting new dance film called "When We Fell." Abraham told Roslyn Sulcas of The New York Times that a peaceful winter residency at Kaatsbaan Cultural Park deeply influenced the material, and it shows in the work's spare beauty and elegant sense of calm.

Available for free as part of NYCB's digital season until April 22, the film was co-directed by cinematographer Ryan Marie Helfant. The cast includes India Bradley, Jonathan Fahoury, Christopher Grant, Claire Kretzschmar, Lauren Lovette, Taylor Stanley, KJ Takahashi and Sebastian Villarini-Velez.

February 2021