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Studio shots by Alinne Volpato

Jovani Furlan's Open-Hearted Dancing—And Personality—Lights Up New York City Ballet

Something magical happens when Jovani Furlan smiles at another dancer onstage. Whether it's a warm acknowledgment between sections of Jerome Robbins' Dances at a Gathering or an infectious grin delivered in the midst of a puzzle box of a sequence in Justin Peck's Everywhere We Go, whoever is on the receiving end brightens.

"I could stare at him forever," says New York City Ballet principal Megan Fairchild. "He's just that kind of open spirit. He's not judging anything. It's like he's looking at you with his arms wide open and a big smile—even if he's not smiling, that's the energy he's giving you."

Barbara Morgan, Courtesy DM Archives

Why Doris Humphrey Left Denishawn, In Her Own Words

Modern dance pioneer Doris Humphrey was born October 17, 1895.

After a decade as a soloist with Denishawn, her growing disillusionment with its management and artistic principles led her to leave the company with Charles Weidman and Pauline Lawrence. In a series of letters to her parents penned in 1928, excerpted in the February 1976 issue of Dance Magazine, Humphrey wrote, "I've worried over [Ruth St. Denis] till I'm sick—and decided to quit and concentrate on things that are right, or wrong ones that are within my power...I'll probably change my mind about being an idealist—but I'm set on it now."

Boston Ballet's Lia Cirio with Paulo Arrais in Balanchine's Agon. Photo by Liza Voll, courtesy Cirio

Now That She's Back at Work, Lia Cirio Shares the Hobbies, Music and More That Got Her Through the Shutdown

Boston Ballet has recently gone back to the studios, starting up rehearsals again (with multiple safety precautions in place) to prepare for a hybrid performance season. For principal Lia Cirio, it's a welcome return. But she never really stopped moving during the six-month shutdown. On top of creating dance films, holding a season for the Cirio Collective and designing T-shirts to raise money for various causes, she was also commissioned to create a new work for Boston Ballet's ChoreograpHER program next May.

Dance Magazine recently caught up with her for our "For Your Entertainment" series to hear about the hobbies, books, podcasts, memes and more that have kept her going.


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