Watch These Houston Ballet Men Absolutely Nail the "Shades" Variations

These days, it's not uncommon to see men dancing on pointe. Sure, the Trocks have been doing it forever, but now even men in traditional companies are seeing the benefits of training in pointe shoes.

And yet, we've never seen anything like this video of Houston Ballet's Hayden Stark, Derek Dunn and Daniel Durrett performing the "Shades" variations from La Bayadere on pointe. It's not a parody video or a spoof. These boys' pointework is the real deal, and we're all for it.

And that's just the half of it. Even though this was a just-for-fun studio showing, each dancer has immaculate attention to detail and envy-inducing control. Plus, they've all mastered the soft port de bras we usually see on women.

Our only question: When are these guys getting cast as the Shades?

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