Photo by Johan Persson, Courtesy ROH

Got a Burning Question for Wayne McGregor? #MyDanceDNA is Giving You a Chance to Get Answers

Whatever your feelings about Wayne McGregor's heady, hyper-physical choreography, we can all probably agree on one thing: We'd really, really love to pick his brain. And tomorrow, Dance Umbrella, a UK-based dance festival, is giving everyone the chance to do exactly that.

My Dance DNA will be at Studio Wayne McGregor tomorrow to chat with McGregor. The digital interview series, streamed live on Facebook, was started earlier this year by Dance Umbrella in partnership with The Space (a London-based performing arts center) to dig into the influences behind some of the UK's leading contemporary choreographers. The hourlong conversations begin with an in-depth interview interspersed with archival footage from the dancemaker's body of work, but the last 15 minutes are dedicated to a Q&A session with questions sourced from the live audience and viewers on social media.

If you want your question to be considered, tweet it with the hashtag #MyDanceDNA and tune in tomorrow at 6:30 GMT (that's 1:30 EST, folks) to the Dance Umbrella Facebook page.

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Studio shots by Alinne Volpato

Jovani Furlan's Open-Hearted Dancing—And Personality—Lights Up New York City Ballet

Something magical happens when Jovani Furlan smiles at another dancer onstage. Whether it's a warm acknowledgment between sections of Jerome Robbins' Dances at a Gathering or an infectious grin delivered in the midst of a puzzle box of a sequence in Justin Peck's Everywhere We Go, whoever is on the receiving end brightens.

"I could stare at him forever," says New York City Ballet principal Megan Fairchild. "He's just that kind of open spirit. He's not judging anything. It's like he's looking at you with his arms wide open and a big smile—even if he's not smiling, that's the energy he's giving you."