Company Wayne McGregor in Rain Room, McGregor's previous collaboration with Random International. Photo by Sidd Khajuria, Courtesy Bolton & Quinn Ltd.

Wayne McGregor and Random International's Latest Collaboration

+/- Human, a three-week series curated by Wayne McGregor, is taking over the Roundhouse. By day, it features a new installation by artist collective Random International (a previous McGregor collaborator, not to be confused with Random Dance, the former name of McGregor's company). On Friday and Saturday nights, a new immersive dance work performed by members of Company Wayne McGregor and The Royal Ballet (the first such crossover since 2001) probes the relationship between human bodies and technological entities. Also on tap: pop-up performances, one-off immersive live-music events and a two-week intensive course for youngsters from Queens Crescent Community Association and the Roundhouse Street Circus Collective. Aug. 10–28.

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Studio Bleu students Jaxon Keller, Samantha Halker and Alia Wiggins. Photos by Chris Stark

How Turning Boards and Practice Mats Can Revolutionize Your Dance Training

When it comes to equipment, dancers don't need much—just shoes and whatever can fit in their dance bag. But between rehearsals in the studio and performances on stage, one major piece of equipment often goes overlooked—the floor.

Dancers too often find themselves warming up on the concrete or carpet backstage, or wanting to practice in a location without a proper floor. For years, Harlequin Floors has offered a solution to this problem with its innovative turning board, offering a portable and personal floor that can be flipped between marley and wood. Now, they've revolutionized portability again with their practice mat, offering dancers the option to roll up their own personal floor and sling it over their shoulders like a yoga mat.

We spoke with experts from every corner of the dance industry to see how Harlequin's products have become their everyday essentials: