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ODC Is Hosting Online Wellness Events All Month—for Free

Health is at the top of all our minds today. Dancers in particular are consumed not only by how to stay virus-free, but by how our bodies have changed after months without our usual routines and how we could use this time to come back stronger and more resilient.

Fortunately, ODC and its Healthy Dancers Clinic are dedicating the month of September to a series of online workshops, panels and videos meant to support dancers' wellness. All events are led by dance medicine specialists donating their time so that the entire dance community can access them at no cost.

Here's a rundown of the live sessions offered:

​Keynote Address: Addressing Racial Equity in Dance Medicine Community–What Are We Doing? What Can We Do Better?

Tuesday, September 1, 5 pm PDT

ODC's Brenda Way and the Healthy Dancers Clinic's Kendall Alway kick off the month of events alongside keynote speaker, renowned dance medicine expert Nancy Kadel, MD.

Dancers' Emotional Support Group

Sunday, September 6, 4 pm PDT

Psychiatrist and psychotherapist Nancy Marks and developmental somatic psychotherapist Jennifer Bury guide this monthly online support group.

Foot and Ankle Health for Dancers

Tuesday, September 15, 5 pm PDT

Nancy Kadel, a board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in foot and ankle reconstruction and the care and treatment of dancers, and Josephine Lee, expert pointe shoe fitter and owner of The Pointe Shop, dive into foot and ankle health.

​Fuel Well! Nutrition for Dancers

Wednesday, September 23, 6 pm PDT

Panel discussion with health professionals Tammy Chang, MD, Celina De Borja, MD, Kirsten Graves, RD, and Libby Parker MS, RD, CDN.

​Be Heard: Advocating for Yourself in the Health-care Space

Thursday, September 24, 5 pm PDT

Alyssa Herrera-Set, DPT, SCS, and Milly Patel, DPT, cover topics like health insurance, speaking to health-care providers, and accessing help for issues like nutrition, body image and pain.

Dance for Healthy Youth and Teens

Tuesday, September 29, 5 pm PDT

ODC staff and Celina De Borja, MD, talk about ODC's dance programs for youth and teens, plus how to enjoy a safe and healthy virtual dance practice.

Relaxing the Pelvic Floor: Pelvic Health for Dancers

Wednesday, September 30, 6 pm PDT

Karah Charette, DPT, trained in pelvic health and rehabilitation, shares practices for finding and releasing the pelvic floor.

The ODC Healthy Dancers Clinic will also be sharing prerecorded videos throughout the month. Check the website to see what's available.

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