Wishing the Best for James Fayette and His Family

October 1, 2013

Today our hearts are with the family and close friends of James Fayette and Jenifer Ringer, after Fayette and the couple’s son Luke were both inexplicably stabbed while on a morning walk in a park near their home in New York City. They were two of five victims harmed on Tuesday. According to the New York Times, police have the man accused of the violence in custody.


Fayette, a former principal with New York City Ballet who is now AGMA’s dance executive, is someone Dance Magazine has turned to many times as a source for our stories. And in December of 2011, he presented a Dance Magazine Award to his wife and current NYCB principal Jenifer Ringer. At the time, she was newly pregnant with their son, who arrived the following April. Thankfully, Luke has been released from the hospital, though Fayette remains in serious condition. We wish them a swift and full recovery.


Photo of Ringer and Fayette at the 2011 Dance Magazine Awards by Jacob Pritchard.

Jacob Pritchard

Jacob Pritchard