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Courtesy Brinda Guha

I’m Just Saying, I’ll Need Like Another Solid Week Before I Can Reply to Your Email

I currently have 500-plus unread emails in my inbox. It looks like the opening credits of a Star Wars movie: like a scrolling galaxy far, far away. Never mind that 50 percent are composed of mindless politician mailing lists, weird Groupon-esque "deals," and subscriptions to things drenched in the best of intentions—I still have a lot of emails, including several teaching inquiries, panel invites and small, artistic gigs as our industry creeps its way back from the dead with all the hope and fervor of a Netflix documentary in the "woke" collection.

You'd think with a year at home, I'd have some time to unsubscribe. But, no, I'll still need a week before I can be counted on to read an email from your new basement podcast or your white-led institution I've never worked with before that suddenly wants a "diverse dance teacher." Perhaps two weeks. Maybe even a month.