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First As a Performer and Now As a Choreographer, Hope Boykin Has Nurtured Her Unique Voice

Watching Hope Boykin dance is like watching a musical score come to life: Her speed, her clarity, and her innate understanding of music have captivated audiences for more than three decades. But that outwardly spectacular performer has always nurtured her inner voice, too. In her post-performance life, Boykin has begun to share that voice through choreography, spoken word, and writing.

Courtney Celeste Spears
The cover of the October 2023 issue of Dance Magazine. Hope Boykin, a petite, curvy Black woman with a shaved head, smiles warmly at the viewer as she perches on a white stool, leaning forward as though letting you in on a joke. Her black dress drapes elegantly around her and to the floor as she outstretches an arched foot. The largest cover line reads, "Hope Boykin: From Ailey Star to In-Demand Choreographer."
Cover Story

The State of Hope

Hope Boykin goes from Ailey star to in-demand choreographer.