25 to Watch Live!

July 24, 2023

Maria Majors, STL Rhythm Collaborative

Three to Get Ready

Performers: Kelly Ging, Maria Majors, Tommy Wasiuta

Choreographer: Tommy Wasiuta

Composer: Dave Brubeck

. . .

Mikaela Santos

 Variation from Le Talisman

Choreographer: Marius Petipa

Composer: Riccardo Drigo

. . .

Dominic Moore-Dunson

In his eyes

Choreographer: Dominic Moore-Dunson

Composer: Max Richter

. . .

Andrew McShea

You, a body

Choreographer: Andrew McShea

Composer: Haley Heynderickx

. . .

Madeline Maxine Gorman

Between Myself

Choreographer: Madeline Maxine Gorman

Composer: Molly Joyce

This is a work-in-progress excerpt from an evening-length work titled Between Myself. Inspired by a series of near-death experiences, terrible first dates, and childhood diary musings, Between Myself will be a work that explores the psychological journey of coming to grips with queerness, disability, and the corporate world.

. . .

Ashton Edwards

Bright Young Things

Choreographer: Joshua Grant

Composer: William Lin-Yee

~  Intermission  ~

Quinn Starner

Into the Storm

Choreographer: Jason Parsons

Composer: Sébastien Roux

. . .

Tendayi Kuumba


Choreographer: Tendayi Kuumba

Composer: UFlyMothership

. . .

Erin Casale

Variation from Walpurgisnacht

Choreographer: Leonid Lavrovsky

Composer: Charles Gounod

. . .

Dandara Veiga

Novo Começo

Choreographer: Annabelle Lopez Ochoa

Composer: Ludovico Einaudi

. . .

Jordan Demetrius Lloyd

Black Cherry

Choreographer: Jordan Demetrius Lloyd

Sound arrangement: Jordan Demetrius Lloyd

. . .

Cameron Catazaro (with Ashley Knox)

After the Rain

Choreographer: Christopher Wheeldon

Composer: Arvo Pärt