These 60-Second Dance Films Will Make Your Head Spin

April 26, 2018

There’s a special magic to watching dance on camera—done well, entire worlds can be created, single moments stretched into infinity. But what if you’re working with a severe time constraint, say, 60 seconds?

That’s the challenge behind 60secondsdance, an annual online competition in which dance filmmakers from all over the world can submit their work—one minute or less—to judges in Finland, Norway and Denmark. Each jury selects a winner and runner up, and audiences from all over the world choose the Audience Award picks.

Here are the winners of 60secondsdance 2018:

Remains by Vasilis Arvanitakis

Denmark’s winner and Finland’s audience pick seems to stretch its 60 seconds beyond the horizon. We feel more on our legs just watching it.

BANG by Jan Vasala

, an awkward, tempestuous study of the collision of two bodies, won both the Finnish and Norwegian competitions.

Moonday by Nina Badoux

Norway honored this foray into a strange, surreal universe—one in which a single eye, a pair of lips and an ear are anthropomorphized into a heel-wearing trio—with a runner’s up nod.

Little Things by Sami Hokkanen

The runner-up from Finland demands, “Focus on the little things!”

Under the thunderstorm/Sous l’orage by Henri Dawson Bruère

Norway gave this meditative spectacle—seriously, this guy’s balance is spectacular—its Audience Award.

Apartment 502/ Apartamento 502 by Daniele Caetano

There’s an unsettling sort of charm to Apartment 502, Norway’s runner up. Dancing with shadows, smoking, playing with floorwork—it’s all very typical, except that it isn’t.