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Kyle Hanagami, A Viral Sensation Across Multiple Forms of Media, Has Built a Dance Empire From the Ground Up

Even a glance at Kyle Hanagami’s resumé is enough to leave you short of breath. The 37-year-old choreographer has worked with everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Alicia Keys to Ariana Grande to BLACKPINK. He created the dances for this year’s box-office smash “Mean Girls.” And he’s amassed nearly 8 million followers and more than a billion video views on his social media accounts.

Olivia Manno
The cover of the May/June 2024 issue of Dance Magazine. Kyle Hanagami sits in a folding chair, legs crossed and dangling over the arm, his head resting in one hand as he gazes up and out. The largest cover line reads, "Kyle Hanagami's Dance Empire." Other text includes "Yuan Yuan Tan's Farewell," "Inside Eurovision," and "Bridgerton Choreography."
Cover Story

Kyle Hanagami

From K-pop to Hollywood, the choreographer has become seemingly everyone's go-to guy.

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