August 2014

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  • Inside DM

    How do you fit into the dance world? For some of us, the answer’s obvious. But more often, it ... More »

  • The Queen of Quirk

    With her wacky charm, Celia Rowlson-Hall has become the dance darling of fashion and film.    Photo by Jayme ... More »

  • Tropic Zone

    Inside choreographer Rosie Herrera’s surreal take on femininity for Ballet Hispanico   Ballet Hispanico’s Vanessa Valecillos, Christopher Bloom and ... More »

  • A Tale of Two Colleges

    Dancers share why they decided to transfer—and how that decision changed their careers.   It didn’t take Sarah Konner ... More »

  • Why I Dance: Joseph Walsh

      Walsh improvising at home. Photo by Jaime Lagdameo, Courtesy Walsh.   Musical, charismatic, handsome—Joseph Walsh stood out at ... More »

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Nicolle Stookey built a tutu while at home. Courtesy Stookey

The At-Home Hobbies Keeping Dancers Creative Right Now

When you're not spending all your hours in the studio, you suddenly have so. much. more. free time. While Netflix marathons have certainly been in order during the shutdown, many dancers have pivoted, using the opportunity to explore new hobbies or dive deeper into ones they don't typically have time for.

Here are some of the at-home hobbies we're digging. However you're redirecting your creative energies, we salute you!