Will Haywood

William “Sledge the Blacksmith” Haywood is a certified personal trainer and healthcare practitioner, as well as a professional krump dancer based out of Toronto, Canada. He’s one of the pioneers of the krump dance style in Toronto and has been an active member of the community over the past 13 years involved in the session and battle culture of the dance, and teaching krump around the city, with his first international experience teaching at House of Raw in Costa Rica. Being in the fitness industry gives him a unique perspective to approach dance. He applies knowledge gained by helping thousands of clients over the last 11 years, troubleshooting physical challenges, and supporting them to achieve personal fitness goals. He has designed countless programs for local dancers and international dancers, with his flagship program “KrumpFit” being the most popular, focused on helping dancers, specifically krumpers and street style dancers, physically engineer their bodies to move and perform better, adding longevity to their dance careers.

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