Get Fall Fashion Inspiration From These 6 Dancers

March 16, 2020

While we love fall’s crisp air, pumpkin spice treats, and, of course, the official start of the ballet season, there are some downsides. Cooler weather means that unfortunately it’s no longer practical to throw on shorts over your leotard and pretend it’s a shirt. Does the thought of putting together outfits for autumn stress you out? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. We’ve pulled some of our favorite dancers’ street styles from past issues of Pointe to give you the fall fashion inspiration that you’re looking for.

Kyle Froman for Pointe

Miami City Ballet Principal Simone Messmer

Simone Messmer’s
ensemble points out the biggest difference between summer and fall: Jackets! And not heavy, practical winter parkas, but fun, light jackets with the power to instantly transform any outfit. Messmer’s selection comes with quite a bit of history; it’s her best friend’s father’s army trench. We also love Messmer’s slip-on shoes; they’re a reminder to wear all of your favorite no-socks-necessary shoes this season before the snow starts to fall.

Jim Lafferty for Pointe

The Washington Ballet’s Brittany Stone

Browns, reds, oranges… Brittany Stone shows us that autumnal colors can make any simple jeans-and-sweater look come to life. Also, forget flimsy sandals without good support. Fall means that boots are back. For Stone, those are always Dr. Martens; she has three pairs.

Quinn Wharton for Pointe

Joffrey Ballet’s Fabrice Calmels

For Fabrice Calmels, the urban simplicity of a well-cut leather jacket is a wardrobe staple. If leather isn’t in your budget, denim or corduroy can create a similar effect. We also like how Calmels carries classic white sneakers into the fall by pairing them with a dark ensemble.

Kyle Froman for Pointe

Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal Principal Artist Céline Cassone

Goodbye pastels and florals; fall means that it’s again acceptable to channel your inner New Yorker and keep things simple by dressing in all black. Céline Cassone favors neutral shades of black, gray and brown. She’s also rarely without cowboy boots (she’s a self-defined fanatic). Her look also shows us that fall is the perfect time for layering, keeping you comfortable from sunny mornings to chilly evenings.

Kyle Froman for Pointe

Former Ballet Memphis Dancer Julie Marie Niekrasz

Julie Marie Niekrasz
reminds us that there really are dresses for every season. Niekrasz has a thing for vintage, and tries to channel Grace Kelly whenever possible; this piece comes from a local Memphis vintage shop. But whether you like your dresses from the 1950s or from the mall, you can always throw one on to create a more formal after-class look in seconds.

Kyle Froman for Pointe

Former Complexions Contemporary Ballet Dancer Melissa Anduiza

We love how Melissa Anduiza takes ultra-casual leggings and a t-shirt and makes them look extra hip by adding a fitted blazer, gold jewelry and wedge shoes. It’s a reminder that you don’t need fancy pieces to transition easily from studio to street.