11 Skirts That Were Made for the Summer Studio Life

March 16, 2020

Planning to spend the majority of your summer sweating it out in the studio? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. And while you’re definitely going to want to save the warmups for the winter, you can still accessorize your studio look without adding bulk, thanks to the always-in-style ballet skirt. From bright florals to washed out pastels and wild prints, we rounded up our favorite short (and a few long!) ballet skirts for summer.

via AinslieWear

AinslieWear Limoncello Wrap Skirt

If you can’t spend your summer in the Mediterranean under actual lemon trees, this skirt is a solid backup. Plus, it gives us serious Beyonce “Lemonade” vibes, which will help you feel more fierce and less sweaty-mess in class (hopefully).

ainsliewear.com, $50

via Elevé Dancewear

Elevé Dancewear Denim Jacket Skirt

Denim on denim, the dancer way? We approve with Elevé’s denim jacket collection, which includes several leotard options in addition to this blue and pink floral print skirt.

elevedancewear.cm, $50

via Discount Dance Supply

Discount Dance Supply Natalie Ballet Wrap Skirt

If there ever were a season to break out the hot pink skirt, it’s now. Pair it with your go-to black leotard to liven class up, or go full-on fuchsia with a monochromatic look.

discountdancesupply.com, $21.95

via Bloch Inc.

Mirella Floral Applique Skirt

This turquoise skirt lets you bring the beach to the ballet barre. Its elasticized waistband makes it easy to slip on, and it has the tiniest floral details at the hip.

blochworld.com, $32.90

via RubiaWear

RubiaWear Olivia Skirt

This lightweight knit might look like your classic wrap skirt, but RubiaWear creator (and Boston Ballet principal) Ashley Ellis designed it with an elastic waist for comfort and ease. The ruffled ends and sheer color options, like Flower Bomb’s soft coral, give the skirt a classic ballerina look with a modern twist.

rubiawear.com, $38

via Abigail Mentzer Designs

Abigail Mentzer Designs Sweet Pea Skirt

Former Pennsylvania Ballet soloist Abigail Mentzer’s slinky skirt has become a staple amongst pros and students alike. Her silver-lilac Sweet Pea addition pairs perfectly with neutral leos in black or gray.

abigailmentzerdesigns.com, $33

via Eurotard

Eurotard Printed Wrap Skirt in Blueberry

Teeny tiny flowers in blue, yellow and white make up this patterned chiffon skirt.

eurotard.com, $28

via LeaMarie

LeaMarie Georgette Wrap Skirt

If florals aren’t your thing, try a bold print like the one on LeaMarie’s leopard wrap skirt.

leamarie.com, $28

via Just For Kix

Just For Kix Layered Skirt

We recently noticed that pros like American Ballet Theatre’s Isabella Boylston and Boston Ballet’s Misa Kuranaga are bringing longer skirts back into style. This watercolor option from Just For Kix gives you the flowy length at the back with a slightly shorter front if you want to ease your way into the longer look.

justforkix.com, $33.99

via Body Wrappers

Body Wrappers/Angelo Luzio Dotted Skirt

This cute dotted skirt has New York City Ballet principal Tiler Peck’s seal of approval (she did design it, after all), and that’s reason enough for us to wear it. Now if only it could help us turn like Tiler.

nydancewear.com, $17.40

via Só Dança

Só Dança Floral Wrap Skirt

This multi-colored floral print will match all of your neutral and pastel leotards—giving you endless ways to wear it.

movedancewear.com, $25.40