Class Around Town: Cunningham & Trisha Brown

September 16, 2019

In our December issue, I wrote about the impending closure of the Cunningham Studio, the expansive, light-filled space that, for 40 years, served as a home-base not just for Merce Cunningham’s company but for students of his technique. The last day of classes at these historic headquarters is just a few weeks away; no doubt, it will be jarring for devotees of the school—and for anyone with a connection to the company, which was inseparable from its beloved home. The good news is that Cunningham classes aren’t going far: You’ll be able to find them at Dance New Amsterdam, City Center, and the Mark Morris Dance Center. (A full schedule is here.) And the even better news: If you’re unfamiliar with the technique, you can try it for free at DNA on March 14 or 28.

Still, there’s something undeniably special about learning Cunningham technique at the Cunningham Studio. Daily classes continue there through March 31. If you’ve never been, go.

Another noteworthy New York City class development: Trisha Brown’s dancers are now teaching regularly at the Red Bean Studios, Wednesday nights through June 30. Ever wondered how they achieve that breezy, oh-this-is-just-what-our-bodies-naturally-do effortlessness? Here’s your chance to learn. —Siobhan Burke

Photo: The Cunningham Studio, courtesy Cunningham Dance Foundation.