Curtain Up

December 31, 2013

Every New Year’s,
we get a chance to start again with a fresh set of goals. Take advantage, because the dance field is evolving and the most successful dancers are the ones who grow with it.

Dance has an ever-increasing role in today’s hyperconnected world: Postmodern choreography has become an unexpected hit for fine art institutions (“Jackson Pollock, Meet Trisha Brown”); dancers are now regarded as research inspiration for scientists as well as artists (“Flying Through Space”). We’ve seen major changes in dancers’ own goals for balanced lives—it’s no longer unheard of for Bolshoi ballerinas like Svetlana Lunkina to move to Canada to raise a family. And their options for building long, healthy careers have also expanded (the Affordable Care Act, for instance, has overhauled dancers’ access to health care). For the up-and-comers featured in our annual “25 to Watch” salute, who knows what else will be in store?

Just as dance itself is changing, growing and expanding, so is Dance Magazine. We’ve recently built on our 87-year foundation as a print publication to create digital editions for iPhones, iPads and Nooks, enhancing our regular coverage with backstage videos and exclusive podcasts. Our editors are blogging daily, compiling behind-the-scenes footage and sharing breaking news through social media to offer you up-to-the-minute commentary on all things dance.

My face might be new to you, too. I started reading Dance Magazine as a kid in the San Francisco suburbs trying to figure out what the dance world held beyond my ABT summer intensives and West Side Story rehearsals. After graduating from NYU’s Tisch dance department, I became education editor here. I’ve spent the past five years as senior editor on Pointe, and now look forward to taking Dance Magazine into its next chapter.


Photo at right: Lenio Kaklea performing in New York’s Museum of Modern Art
. By Julieta Cervantes, Courtesy MoMA.

Dance Magazine
will always be the stage that all dancers share, whether you’re in Des Moines or Denmark, performing ballet or learning bharata natyam. Our new editorial team is on a mission to make every page as useful—and beautiful—as possible. I think you’re going to love what you see.


Jennifer Stahl

Editor in Chief

[email protected]