News of Note: What You Might Have Missed in December 2023

January 8, 2024

Here are the latest promotions, appointments, and departures, as well as notable awards and accomplishments, from December 2023.

Comings & Goings

Leanne Benjamin has been named artistic director of Queensland Ballet, succeeding Li Cunxin in mid-January.

At Cleveland Ballet, Cynthia Graham stepped down as interim artistic director, a role she had taken on after the suspension of artistic director Gladisa Guadalupe. Howard Bender is serving as interim CEO after co-founder Michael Krasnyansky resigned. The company has also severed ties with the Cleveland School of Dance, which was cofounded by Guadalupe, and has announced the launch of the Academy of Cleveland Ballet as its official school, beginning in mid-January.

At The Australian Ballet, Marcus Morelli and Jill Ōgai have been promoted to principal; Yuumi Yamada to senior artist; Cameron Holmes, Misha Barkidjija, Katherine Sonnekus, Aya Watanabe, and Maxim Zenin to soloist; and Sara Andrlon, Saranja Crowe, Hugo Dumapit, Adam Elmes, Evie Ferris, Lilla Harvey, Larissa Kiyoto-Ward, and Montana Rubin to coryphée.

Tiffany Rea Fisher has been named National Dance Institute’s 2024 artist-in-residence.

Abigail Reeve has been named CEO of Rambert Grades.

Chicago Dancers United has rebranded as Chicago Dance Health Fund.

Soham Dance Space will close at the end of September.

Awards & Honors

In the New Year 2024 Honours List, Chitraleka Bolar, Betsy Gregory, and Solange Urdang were named Officers of the Order of the British Empire; Carl Campbell, Morag Deyes, Julie Felix, and Carolene Euleata Sargeant (Carolene Hinds) were named Members of the Order of the British Empire; and Norah Button-Brookwell, Shendl Hastings Harvey (Shendl Russell), and Pamela Mary Joyce Scull (Pamela Wingfield) were named Medalists of the Order of the British Empire.