Landes Dixon of Post:Ballet, which is participating in this year's San Francisco Trolley Dances

Andy Mogg, Courtesy John Hill PR

3 Shows We're Excited to See Onstage (or Online) This Month

Through a combination of socially distanced and online approaches, the performance landscape is cautiously rebuilding momentum. Here are three shows planned for the next month that have particularly piqued our interest.

Étoiles in Italy

Zakharova balances in sous-sus en pointe, arching back as she reaches her right arm up, as Bolle stands behind her, supporting her under one arm while mirroring her reach with the other.

Svetlana Zakharova and Roberto Bolle in La Dame aux Camélias

Brescia e Amisano, Courtesy Teatro alla Scala

MILAN Teatro alla Scala celebrates its reopening (albeit with socially distanced seating) with a series of gala-style performances by its resident ballet company, starring Roberto Bolle and Svetlana Zakharova and featuring guest artist Alessandra Ferri. Sept. 23, 24 and 26, Oct. 2.

Grooving to Gershwin

Goecke is seen from behind, seated as he gestures with his hands while he watches the dancer in front of him. The shirtless male dancer contracts, fingertips to his sternum as the other hand extends palm up at his waist.

Marco Goecke rehearses Luca Pannacci

Jeanette Bak, Courtesy Freie PR

STUTTGART Gauthier Dance returns to live performance with Do You Love Gershwin? The new full-length was crafted by Marco Goecke this summer while the company adhered to social distancing and hygiene rules necessitated by COVID-19, resulting in a work comprising only solos and pas de deux. It's meant, as the title indicates, as a love letter to the wide-ranging music of George Gershwin; the score features recordings by Sarah Vaughan and Janis Joplin, among others. After its debut run at Theaterhaus Stuttgart Oct. 7–11, Gershwin has tour appearances scheduled for Oct. 14, 20 and 23–24 throughout Germany.

Site-Specific Streaming

Haigood, in comfy layers, sneakers, and a face mask, balances at a 45 degree angle to the ground across the railing of an outdoor trolley station entrance.

Zaccho Dance Theatre's Joanna Haigood

Andy Mogg, Courtesy John Hill PR

ONLINE This year, San Francisco Trolley Dances reaches beyond the Bay Area as it moves from the street to the screen. The annual series of site-specific dances highlights local dancemakers and communities as audiences follow a danced tour along public transit routes. But this year, the participating companies—which include Arenas Dance Company, Fog Beast, Post:Ballet, 13th Floor and Zaccho Dance Theatre alongside organizer Epiphany Dance Theater—will film the commissioned works ahead of time, allowing the 75-minute "tour" to be viewed online. Behind-the-scenes footage and historical background on the featured locations will also be available to anyone tuning in to the free screenings. Oct. 17–18.

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