7 Reasons Fall Is a Dancer’s Favorite Season

March 16, 2020

We Get to See Our Friends Again

After a few months off for summer break, we love getting to catch up with our BFFs—and spill all the tea about our summer vacation adventures.

It’s the Perfect Time for Dance Photoshoots

The weather and scenery are perfect for a photoshoot! Posting a picture of you tilting while holding a pumpkin spice latte with the changing leaves in the background is sure to get a ton of likes.

The Weather is Great for Cooling Down After Dance

After dance, sweat is dripping from every pore on your body and it feels like your temperature is up to 115 degrees. But in fall, you can just walk outside and cool down with the light breeze.

We Get to Learn All the New Choreography

Time to dive into all the new, amazing choreography for the season!

“Nutcracker”​ Season Is Coming

The start of fall means that The Nutcracker, aka our fave yearly tradition, is coming soon!

Auditions for the School Musical Are Happening

Time to nail that dance audition and slay the stage.

We Can Wear Sweatpants and Sweatshirts Everywhere

Between rehearsal and catching up on homework, we have zero time to get ready in the mornings. But in the fall, it’s so easy to get dressed. We can wear sweats everywhere! And if we’re rushing from school to the studio, we can even just wear our leotard underneath. Fall fashion is the best fashion.