Fascinating Flavors at Dance Salad

April 1, 2010

Dance Salad was as zesty as ever last night, though it got off to a rough start. The highlights were Ballet du Grand Theatre de Geneve in excerpts from Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s Loin. Prince Credell, who was one of our early “On the Rises,” was silky and gorgeous in a solo, and the last section with one man dragging two around, then four people, was very moving. Mark Godden’s Miroirs is a gentle, precise piece for  La Compania Nacional de Danza (from Mexico City). Three excerpts from it were like three haiku of symmetrical shapes, each ending in a surprising moment of asymmetry. And the always gorgeous Rubinald Pronk and Drew Jacoby performed  Lightfoot/Leon’s Softly As I Leave You.  Their, how shall I say, dramatic elasticity always amazes. I’ve seen it several times, but never noticed the kiss before! New to me was Christian Spuck’s The Return of Ulysses, from Penelope’s point of view of many men ganging up on her. Although it was just excerpts, it felt like a whole ballet–and very witty and earthy.

And that rough beginning? A silly part-mime, birthday-party-for-children piece by Dominique Bagouet performed by Ballet de Lorraine that made you go, Huh?? Most of the rest of the program, though, made you go, Thank you for showing me that.


Want to find out more about Drew and Rubinald? Click here to watch their cover shoot from DM‘s August 2009 issue.