Cathy Marston in “DRIFT”

December 24, 2020

One of the unexpected benefits of 2020 has been seeing how our favorite dance artists have found new ways to express themselves. In this short film, “DRIFT,” beloved narrative ballet choreographer Cathy Marston puts on her (barefoot) dancing shoes for the first time in about 15 years. In an email she sent out last weekend, she wrote:

“It’s been a year that none of us imagined. Despite enormous challenges there have been some serendipitous moments of joy and inspiration that perhaps would not have found space for themselves in the rush of ‘normal life.’ As the year draws to a close I wanted to share one of these moments with you all: a day when I got fed up of the news, of reading emails about the next postponed project, and indeed of just ‘waiting.’ I called some friends, and we made this—’DRIFT’—filmed 10 minutes from my home on the banks of the River Aare in Bern, Switzerland. I’ve not performed in about 15 years, so the fact I’m here ‘dancing’ illustrates how much I needed to be creative again!”

“DRIFT” is directed and edited by Felix von Muralt, with music composed for the film by Philip Feeney and performed by violinist Sara Trickey with Feeney on the piano. Marston’s costume is by Bernese designers, Viento.