“Circle,” Choreographed by Qiaoqiao Zhang

December 23, 2022

Choreographer Qiaoqiao Zhang and director Phillip Kaminiak collaborated on the eerie film “Circle,” which juxtaposes the experience of living in a big city and the phenomenon known as the “death spiral” in which ants lose the pheromone track of their group and follow each other in continuous circles until they die. Shot in Mexico City, the film serves as a reminder of the endless spiral of high speed movement in the modern world. Produced by Jacob Jonas The Company, “Circle” was created as part of Films.Dance and features dancers Brenda Loustaunau Aguilar, Juan Carlos Estrada De La Cruz, Fernando Guez, Elisa Romero Ramírez, Carla Segovia, Paulina Vargas, Frank Vázquez and Diego Vertiz, with music by Raven Bush.