CLI Conservatory’s “You’re Mine,” Choreographed by Monika Felice Smith

March 24, 2023

CLI Studios presents “You’re Mine,” a dance film choreographed by Monika Felice Smith and performed by CLI Conservatory’s class of 2022. As the dancers move through an open field to the alternating soulful and electronic sounds of James Blake’s “I’m So Blessed You’re Mine,” they execute contrasting dynamics, sometimes moving as two distinct groups and at other moments as a unified ensemble with soloists breaking out. Smith, known for her syncopated style, has been a collaborator on Olivia Rodrigo’s SOUR Prom and is a guest instructor at CLI Conservatory. “You’re Mine” features cinematography by Daniel Phakos, and is directed by Teddy Forance, director of the conservatory’s 10-month program and CLI Studios co-founder.