“We Are Dancers Amplified”

March 18, 2021

More and more, dancers are using their voices to advocate for social justice both within and beyond the dance industry. A dancer-led alliance called Dancers Amplified is now launching a virtual networking platform to help dancers across the globe collaborate and support each other in their efforts to promote diversity, equity, inclusion and access through their work.

Dancers Amplified began last year as a social media fundraiser called Dancers for Black Lives Matter. Now under the fiscal sponsorship of International Association of Blacks in Dance, the group is introducing its website today. This campaign film, “We Are Dancers Amplified”, sets movement to quotes gathered from a survey of dancers from around the world about their experiences in the field. The film was directed by Mathieu Gremillet, produced by James Stout and features dancers Nathan Brhane, Donnie Duncan Jr., Sebia Plantefeve-Castryck, Davi Ramos, Kele Roberson and Daniel Robert Silva.