Fabricio Seraphin’s “The Name of a River”

April 14, 2023

“The Name of a River,” performed and choreographed by Haitian artist Fabricio Seraphin, explores the queer experience, nature, and movement and how the three mirror the transformational and ever-changing flow of life. Filmed in upstate New York, Seraphin moves through the trees and the water, releasing tension and dancing intentionally with breath, symbolizing an evolution of self. Directed by Mollie Moore and Eleonora Privitera, and with poetry by Robyn Ayers, the film was inspired by the contributing artists’ journeys of understanding their own queerness. “This project came about through conversations between [Eleonora] and I envisioning queer utopias and dreamscapes where we can move, transition and express our own selves with ease and autonomy,” Moore wrote on Instagram. “The Name of a River” is presented by NOWNESS, a global video channel sharing content on art, music, and more.