“Past and Present” by Eisenhower Dance Detroit

March 10, 2023

Presented by Eisenhower Dance Detroit in collaboration with Detroit Institute of the Arts and Zazu Creative Studio, “Past and Present” features excerpts of five duets by artistic director Stephanie Pizzo that capture our human need for intimate and kinesthetic connection with each other. With cinematography and a score by Jesse Barron, this short film is a director’s cut of Five Tangos, a longer dance film created in response to the pandemic. “This piece is the story of my past and present colliding together to create our future,” says Zach Hagy, the film’s director. “Past and Present” is performed by Alex Hlavaty, Brooke Mainland, Kelsey Lewinski, Emy Bezbatchenko, Tyler Kerbel, Tara Charvat and Michael Teasley III.