Post:ballet’s “Mine Is Yours”

January 6, 2023

Inspired by the chance encounters we experience with others, Post:ballet’s “Mine Is Yours” tells a narrative of connection by interweaving the lives of 11 dancers through seemingly spontaneous moments of intersection. “The piece is an invitation to slow down and be available for the meaningful connections that may await us on the other side of a turnstile, street corner, or sliding door,” says Robin Dekkers, Post:ballet’s artistic director, who choreographed the film in collaboration with the performers. Produced by Inner Child Productions with direction from creative producer Bouchra Rachid Pinto, “Mine Is Yours” is set to an original score by San Francisco-based composer and musician Daniel Berkman. Filmed by Benjamin Tarquin in Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco, California, the film was shot on location in Bay Area Rapid Transit’s trains and stations and surrounding neighborhoods for BART’s 50th anniversary.