Get the Ball Rolling

September 9, 2009

As dance classes get into full swing this fall, you might find that your body needs a little extra attention — some time to relax, release, and realign. A good massage is one solution, but if you’re looking for more than a quick fix, sign up for a few Yamuna Body Rolling classes. This tension-relieving method of working with small, pliable balls helps to elongate muscles, open up joints, and improve your alignment over time, promoting ease and efficiency of movement. Once you’ve learned the basics in class, you can practice it at home. Dance Magazine editor-in-chief Wendy Perron swears by it: “I use ballwork any time I feel extra tension in a particular part of my body,” she says. “It helps iron out the wrinkles.”

    Hope Stone Center in Houston is offering more YBR classes this fall, with new teacher Renie Viola on board (see To find a class near you, click here.