The Housing Equation: How to Move Out or Find Better Roommates

October 23, 2017

My noisy roommates are driving me crazy, but I can’t handle the cost of an apartment on my own. I’m trying to make money by catering between dance classes and performing. I’m also looking into babysitting. Do you have any other ideas about how I can move out?

—Tom, New York, NY

Having a survival job certainly eases the financial burden, but you may want to consider developing skills for a more lucrative position. For example, you could take college courses in an area of interest, like computer graphics and design, or get certified as a Pilates instructor. There are also options for affordable housing where you can conceivably cover the rent. Fortunately, you don’t have to do this on your own. Free counseling for job training and reasonably priced housing are available through The Actors Fund, along with grants for qualified individuals. Check out the “Services & Programs” section of their website for more details. Since living alone may not be possible for all dancers, you might look for roommates who are more suited to your personality by asking your friends and posting notices at dance studios.

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