I'm Screaming for Ice Cream

July 16, 2007

With the scorching hot weather we’re having up here in New York, all I ever want to eat is ice cream! But while ½ cup of vanilla Häagen Dazs has about 270 calories, some other options won’t weigh me down quite as much in class tomorrow.

With 1-2% milk fat it’s actually sweeter than ice cream. ½ cup has about 110 calories

A dairy-free frozen fruit puree. ½ cup has about 130 calories.

Frozen yogurt:
Made with low fat or fat free yogurt instead of milk. ½ cup (fat free) has about 90 calories.

Frozen fruit:
To make the delicious also nutritious, stick some fruit in the freezer. Mangos, bananas, and raspberries (my favorite) are especially sweet for this trick. Figure out the calories here.