Up Your Injury Prevention Game With These 7 Tools

November 20, 2020

These are our top recommendations for injury-prevention, from the brand-new to the tried-and-true.

OPTP’s Pelvic Rocker Core Trainer

Is it just us or is core work more fun with a toy? This new stability tool ups the ante on classic exercises like V-sits, activating those deep inner-core muscles. $34.95, optp.com

Courtesy OPTP

Flexifoot’s Pointe Builder

Strap on this resistance system to strengthen your ankles and feet for safer pointe work. $46, flexifoot.net

Courtesy Flexifoot

Superior Stretch’s Superiorband Ultra

This extra-thick resistance band comes in a loop, offering extra ways to stretch and strengthen on the go. $16.99, superiorstretch.com

Courtesy Superior Stretch

Apolla Alpha Shocks

These socks offer targeted support by integrating the latest sports science insights on compression with the unique needs of dancers. $30–$32, apollaperformance.com

Courtesy Apolla

Theragun liv

The rapid vibrations of this popular handheld massager relieve tension and stimulate blood flow in tight, overworked muscles. $249, theragun.com

Courtesy Theragun

Moji Heated Foam Roller

This roller fits into the microwave to combine self-massage with heat therapy in order to dig deeper into muscles with less pain. The accompanying thermal bag keeps it hot for 90 minutes. $99.99, gomoji.com

Courtesy Moji

A sprung floor

You can do all the cross-training and self-care you want, but unless you’re dancing on a sprung floor, you’re putting your body at risk. Whether at the studio, onstage or in your own home setup, make sure you’re working on floors from trusted dance floor companies (think Harlequin and Stagestep) that are designed with a dancer’s safety in mind. Various surface and subfloor options can meet the needs of your particular movement styles. us.harlequinfloors.com, stagestep.com

Need some in-person advice on injury prevention? Check out the growing directory of local dance medicine specialists on doctorsfordancers.com.