Jasper Johns' Enormous Estate is Going to Be The Most Epic Artists' Retreat

September 21, 2017

Before too long, dancers and choreographers will get to create on the luxurious 170-acre property in rural Connecticut that is currently home to legendary visual artist Jasper Johns.

If you think that sounds far more glamorous than your average choreographic retreat, you’re right. Though there are some seriously generous opportunities out there, this one seems particularly lavish.

That’s partly because 87-year-old Johns, who announced earlier this week his plans to convert his estate into an artists’ retreat after his death, has thankfully chosen to include dancers and musicians in his plans. The lucky chosen performing artists (it’s still unclear how the application process will work) will get a taste of the significantly-better-funded visual art world. It makes sense: Johns has an affinity for dance, having worked closely with Merce Cunningham throughout his career and even once telling Newsweek that “Merce is my favorite artist in any field.”

The $6.6 million lakeside property includes six houses and a studio. Up to two dozen artists at a time will be allowed to stay there for up to three months.