Ain't No Passing Craze: The Lion King Musical Turned 20, and You'll Never Guess Who Made a Surprise Appearance

November 5, 2017

Call it the Circle of Life: Believe it or not, The Lion King has been on Broadway for 20 years—20 years! The Disney musical, based on the 1994 animated classic (that is getting a live-action remake with a truly exceptional cast in 2019), celebrated its big anniversary in New York last night. And after the curtain call, Disney brought in a very special guest to perform a surprise encore.

Sir Elton John, who worked as a composer on the film’s songs, performed the iconic opening song “Circle of Life” surrounded by the cast. We’re frankly envious of the theater-goers who got to see it live.

Check out the clip of the encore below, and join us in wishing a hearty congratulations to The Lion King for making it to 20 years on the Great White Way!

[youtube expand=1]