Next Up For Misty: The Big Screen

September 10, 2015

A few weeks ago, while wandering around Baltimore, I found myself at the Under Armour factory, and was dwarfed by a building-sized Misty Copeland sporting her signature sports bra and pointe shoe look. I had the same thought as when I saw all the high-profile hype about her promotion to principal dancer: I know she’s big, but sometimes I forget she’s that big. For those of us who live with our feet firmly planted in the dance world, it is hard to gauge the impact that she’s actually having on non-dance folk.


Photo courtesy Under Armour.

Now, there’s really no question about her reach. Misty’s a movie star, and she’s coming to the big screen in October.  A trailer for A Ballerina’s Life, the new documentary on her rise from humble beginnings to principal dancer, was released earlier this week. Though it seems like the story of Misty’s life has been published in a different article every week this year, the documentary does have some elements that may be new to even the most dedicated Misty-lovers: The trailer includes footage of her dancing as a teenager at her home studio, and implies that the film will allow Misty to narrate her own story, which is always refreshing amidst the many think pieces written about her.

You can take a look at the trailer below and catch the film in theaters on October 14th. Here’s hoping that it will continue the recent push towards diversity in ballet and mainstream dance-loving!