Birmingham Royal Ballet's Yijing Zhang in City of a Thousand Trades

Johan Perrson, Courtesy Birmingham Royal Ballet

4 In-Person Shows We Want to See This November

From new works to old traditions, here are four performances we have on our radar.

Lost With You

In a misty, dimly lit space, a male dancer takes a wide stance, one arm around a female dancer's waist as he supports her weight on his thigh. She leans away from him, arm limply reaching, as both her feet lift, pointed, off the ground in front of her.

Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal's Vanishing Mélodies

Sasha Onyshchenko, Courtesy BJM

MONTREAL Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal plumbs the songbook of Patrick Watson for its latest creation. Vanishing Mélodies brings to life the memories of a lone woman waiting for a bus, played by an actress who joins the dancers onstage. Directed by Eric Jean, who helmed the company's Leonard Cohen–soundtracked Dance Me, it features choreography by Juliano Nuñes and Anne Plamondon set to 20 pieces of Watson's music. Nov. 2–6.

Acosta and Alessandra

On an otherwise empty stage, Alessandra Ferri and Carlos Acosta pose back to back. She is on pointe in an open forth, knees slightly bent and back arched so her shoulders rest on Acosta's back. Acosta leans forward with bent knees, looking down at where his hand is touching her knee. Her hand holds his wrist.

Alessandra Ferri and Carlos Acosta

Johan Persson, Courtesy BRB

LONDON Birmingham Royal Ballet's Curated by Carlos program makes its much-delayed London debut at Sadler's Wells with some exciting edits. The triple bill now features City of a Thousand Trades, an homage to the company's home city choreographed by Miguel Altunaga, alongside Brazilian-British choreographer Daniela Cardim's current-events–inspired Imminent and a new production of Goyo Montero's Chacona. Joining the artists of BRB onstage for Chacona will be director Carlos Acosta and guest artist Alessandra Ferri in a new pas de deux. Nov. 4–6.

Traditions Thriving

Three Native American dancers stand in their full, colorful regalia atop a set of grey concrete steps, a pale blue sky beyond them. The center dancer looks challengingly down at the camera, while the other two look into the distance.

Indigenous Enterprise

Danny Upshaw, Courtesy Richard Kornberg & Associates

NEW YORK CITY Native American and Canadian collective Indigenous Enterprise alights at The Joyce Theater with a celebration of traditional song, story and, of course, dance in the intertribal production Indigenous Liberation, featuring champion powwow dancers. Nov. 9–14.

Many Happy Returns

Twyla Tharp, her glasses slipped to the tip of her nose, gestures with both arms outstretched as she directs dancers who are out of frame. A couple of individuals in masks are seated in the studio behind her, though they are out of focus.

Twyla Tharp

Paula Lobo, Courtesy New York City Center

NEW YORK CITY Leave it to Twyla Tharp to give gifts for her 80th birthday. The iconic choreographer premieres two brand-new works for New York City Center's TWYLA NOW program, which will also feature an array of signature pieces. The star-studded cast includes Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater's James Gilmer and Jacquelin Harris, American Ballet Theatre's Aran Bell and Catherine Hurlin, New York City Ballet's Sara Mearns, Roman Mejia and Tiler Peck, and former NYCB star and Tony-nominated actor Robbie Fairchild. Nov. 17–21.

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