NYC View

December 3, 1998

NYC View

Clark Studio Theater
Lincoln Center

New York City, New York

December 3?6, 1998

Reviewed by Kevin Giordano

Nicholas Leichter knows how to create tension. In the new duet, Good Cop, Bad Cop, part of an inspired program by nicholasleichterdance titled “america” (Clark Studio Theater, Lincoln Center, New York City, December 3-6, 1998), the twenty-seven-year-old set two characters, danced by Clare Byrne and himself, in what could have been pre-Giuliani Times Square. The dancers pulled and tugged at a fur coat (a metaphor for success?) while kissing and fighting and struggling for survival on the street. The choreographic vocabulary mixed modern, hip-hop, and folk dance and was set to a score by pop singer D’Angelo. In a second premiere, No Closer, Leichter continued examining inner conflict, expounding on miscommunication and introspection, and utilizing his full company. Also on the program were repertory favorites Tightrope, Anthem (both 1997), and Leichter’s now-famous solo, Animal (1998). Leichter is living up to his slogan of “dance for the new generation” by delivering insightful, poignant works.