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No matter what styles you specialize in, today's competition and convention offerings are as unique as your dancing is. Dive into info on 107 events with performance opportunities and master classes galore.

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Photo by Matthew Murphy for Pointe

Dancer Positions

Ad Deum Dance Co.

Houston, TX

Contact: Randall Flinn


Currently hiring: 3 women, 3 men

Starting pay: TBD

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PC Matthew Murphy for Pointe

These funding opportunities offer tuition scholarships for dance training at the program of your choice. See websites for additional opportunities and details on how to apply.

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Photo by Kyle Froman

Whether you're a bunhead or a hip-hopper, our guide has just the audition for you.

Looking for dancers? Please send dance audition opportunities to

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Artist Roya Carreras for "The Big Balloon," presented by the CURRENT SESSIONS, 2017. Photo: David King, courtesy of A Ballet Education.
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Don't know where to begin your college search? You'll find everything you need in the all new, updated Dance Magazine College Guide 2017/2018! With 628 college & university dance programs, the College Guide is everything you need to make your college decision.

  • Dance degree spotlights
  • Student perspectives on college life
  • Best questions to ask on your college tour
  • Financial advice: How to get funding, and where
  • Plus: Helpful charts, timelines, contact details and much more!

Search for colleges online here

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